North Branch Power Plant

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Since the purchase of the power plant, National has continued to maintain and service the operational components of the turbine and related machinery.  National has also established permanent power to the facility.

North Branch is located on 288 acres in Grant County, West Virginia.  The property is located in a mostly rural environment with nearby properties consisting of private residences and undeveloped pastures and wooded areas.  North Branch includes a single 80-megawatt coal-fired generating unit that commenced commercial operation in January of 1992. The station powers the steam turbine generator with two circulating fluidized bed (“CFB”) boilers.

North Branch is a complete power plant containing all of the machinery and equipment necessary for power generation:  Fuel delivery and preparation, water treatment, environmental controls, ash handling equipment, substation equipment, and special tooling required for maintenance of the facility.  

In addition to the attached equipment listing, National can supply drawings and specifications on items associated with the power plant.

For a complete equipment listing of the North Branch Power Plant or for access to National’s FTP Site please contact:

Curtis Schopp
Vice President

Joshua Wagner
Industrial Sales


Location of Power Plant


Photos of Machinery


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