National teams up with TASKpro to extend life of ties

Oct. 12, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — National Salvage & Service Corporation of Bloomington, Ind., and TASKpro LLC of Starkville, Miss., have entered into a long-term agreement to research, develop and implement supplemental treatments for railroad crossties.

National and TASKpro will utilize TASKpro’s  xxtraBOR™ Wood Treatment System to maximize the life of in-track and recycled crossties by utilizing proven technology to arrest incipient decay, reduce the spread of invasive species (e.g., Formosan subterranean termite,  emerald ash borer) and minimize “spike” kill associated with the interface of wood and mild steel.

This additional service will allow National to further diversify its “cradle-to-grave” approach to servicing the railroad industry. National, the largest recycler of used crossties in North America, and TASKpro, a leading research and development company for wood protection systems, will leverage their expertise to offer the first all-inclusive supplemental treatment system for in-track and post-use crossties. The xxtraBOR™ Wood Treatment System will extend the service life of in-track ties by utilizing technologies proven to be effective against wood-destroying organisms such as decay fungi and termites.

The system is based on borate-based technologies that have been proven in both laboratory and field studies. The application techniques will be modified to fit the end user’s specific needs, and custom systems can be designed.

National and TASKpro look forward to working with the railroad industry to implement these environmentally friendly wood protection systems to maximize the life of wooden infrastructure.

National to demolish 500-acre former New York psychiatric hospital

March 2, 2012

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — National Salvage & Service Corporation was selected today as the winning bidder for the demolition and restoration of the former Kings Park Psychiatric Center, a $6.4 million job awarded by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation.

Kings Park, which was originally constructed in 1885 and was closed in 1996, spans 500 acres and comprises 19 abandoned structures, including 15 buildings and a large smokestack. The site has high concentrations of asbestos, lead and PCBs on-site, requiring careful abatement and remediation. Much of the hospital site sits on what is now Nissequogue River State Park, which was established four years after the psychiatric center closed.

National expects to salvage all steel for reuse, as well as significant amounts of brick and concrete to be crushed.

Local subcontractors, including minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises, will perform much of the work, and about 15 National employees will work on the demolition. National submitted the winning bid out of 20 firms vying for the job.

Once work begins, the project is expected to take about eight months.

National begins supplying new ties

Jan. 16, 2012

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — National Salvage & Service Corporation, the country’s most trusted railroad dismantlement and tie recycling company, will begin supplying high-quality new ties to provide its clients seamless tie replacement.

National has removed, recycled and resold used railroad ties for more than 30 years, and it can now see an entire tie replacement project through, beginning with the removal of used crossties, continuing with the recovery of New Tiesassets through the resale of used materials and concluding with the restoration of the track through its supply of new ties and new rail. National’s New Railroad Tie Division will specialize in providing high-quality, sustainable treated wood products for the construction of long-lasting rail lines.

“National is excited to provide our customers with cradle-to-grave tie services, meaning we can supply your new railroad ties, and when they’re ready to be replaced, remove them, recycle them and provide you with new ones,” said Jeff Broadfoot, vice president of marketing, sales and business development for the New Railroad Tie Division. “We are the nation’s one and only full-service crosstie supplier who can not only provide high-quality ties but can remove your old ties and guarantee the maximum amount of reuse possible.”

As part of its new tie services, National will also offer crosstie pre-plating, boring and hi-rail distribution in order to prepare track for the installation of the ties. National will also manufacture new track panels to help you complete your new and emergency repair track installations. Supply won’t be limited to just crossties; National can also provide switch ties, road crossing panels, bridge ties and timbers and prefabricated track panels.

Operations for the New Railroad Tie Division will begin immediately.