Continental Steel

Continental SteelLocation: Kokomo, Ind.
Project Owner: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

National safely removed nearly 30,000 cubic yards — enough to fill nine Olympic-sized swimming pools  of sediment contaminated with VOCs, PCBs and lead from a site only 100 feet away from homes and adjacent to a community park.

National Salvage & Service Corporation remediated this 183-acre Superfund site, the former location of Continental Steel that was placed on the EPA’s National Priority List after its groundwater and creeks  Kokomo Creek and Wildcat Creek  were found to contain volatile organic compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls and lead. A community park bordered the contaminated site, and the nearest homes were only 100 feet away.

Ensuring the highest level of safety and procedural compliance possible, National excavated and hydraulically dredged nearly 30,000 yards of contaminated sediment from the creeks and a quarry, pumped and treated about 100 million gallons of water during quarry excavation, restored more than 12,000 square yards of stream banks and reconstructed 2,000 linear feet of stream bed in Kokomo Creek.

This job required the construction of 3,000 linear feet of access roads to be used for excavation and dredging, a cutoff wall and water collection system at a storm sewer, four erosion control and bank stabilization structures and a retaining wall to protect a 36-inch sewer line discovered during sediment excavation, as well as the excavation of a roadway along the east side of the quarry to provide access to the bottom of the quarry and the removal of debris and ruptured barrels from the bottom of the quarry.

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