National Salvage & Service Corporation is a leading wholesale provider of used railroad ties railroad tie fuel and new railroad ties and other treated hardwood railroad track products, as well as recycled utility poles.

Used Railroad TiesUsed Railroad Ties

Every year, National is responsible for diverting more than one-half million tons of railroad ties from landfills. Railroad ties we salvage find new life as trail liners, retaining walls, decorative landscaping project supplies and dunnage. Our well-trained sorting team grades the ties based on quality, reselling only the best.

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To order, email or call  800-769-TIES   (800-769-8437).

Railroad Tie Fuel

CSX Tie Removal

National Salvage & Service Corporation handles the removal and recycling of railroad ties. The job, which spans the eastern U.S., amounts to the about 5 million ties per year. National removes the ties and sorts them according to quality and wear, selling some for reuse in projects such as fences and retaining walls and grinding the rest to be used as boiler fuel.

To order, email  or call 812-823-4216.

New Railroad Ties

New Ties

National also supplies railroad companies with new ties, treated with creosote, copper naphthenate, borate/creosote, or borate/copper naphthenate dual treatments.
Click here to learn more about our new ties and other treated hardwood railroad products. National specializes in providing new oak and selected treated hardwood railroad track products. We offer consistent quality, reliable delivery and the convenience of online ordering.

To order, email  or call 812-823-4216.

Recycled Utility Poles

Recycled Utility Poles

As the nation’s largest recycler of treated wood, National recycles and resells utility poles for several major utilities.  Many of these poles are in excellent condition for reuse.  Our customers purchase our used poles to be used as fence posts, trail liners, and batting cage posts. Like our used ties, our poles go through a consistent grading and sorting process, ensuring our customers will receive a quality product.

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To request a quote, email Jacob Thornton at or call 812-824-5139.

Relay Rail

Relay Rail

National Salvage & Service carries an extensive inventory of relay track and OTM.  We can supply you with Class 1 and commercial grade relay rail ranging from 132 to 141 lb gauge.  We have tie plates available for both 5 1/2 and 6 inch base rail.  Contact us today to discuss how National can make your track construction project succeed.

To request a quote, email Jeff Brim at or call 812-823-4218.