About Used Railroad Ties

National Salvage & Service Corporation is the country’s largest, most experienced and most trusted recycler of railroad ties. We remove more than one-half million railroad ties from tracks across the country annually, most of which are in excellent condition for reuse for a variety of purposes.

Railroad ties we remove and repurpose find new life as fence posts, decorative landscaping project supplies, retaining walls and dunnage.

During our more than 30 years in the business, we have grown to become the country’s largest recycler of railroad ties and have an annual supply of more than 7 million ties. Our customers know that each and every time they order from National, they’ll receive the same high-quality product and customer service we’ve delivered for more than 30 years. We value and excel in consistently delivering a quality product at competitive prices in a manner that is convenient for the customer.

All railroad ties we salvage go through a consistent grading and sorting process based on quality and wear. Our reliable crew of sorters has been trained in our grading process and consistently checks for quality. Ties and poles that do not meet the standards for resale are still recycled; they are ground up to be used as boiler fuel. We offer #1- and #2- grade ties, allowing you the flexibility to order based on the requirements and budget of your project.

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Ties must be ordered in quantities of at least 240, and you must have the equipment needed to unload the truck.

Email or call for more information: sales@nssccorp.com or 800-769-TIES (800-769-8437)