National provides demolition and dismantlement for projects of any size and scope, including the removal of buildings, power plants, bridges and railroads.

Past Projects

Railroad Track Removal

Railroad Track RemovalNational Salvage & Service Corporation is a trusted industry leader in the dismantling of railroad tracks, the removal of railroad ties from right-of-ways and the demolition of bridges. Railroad track removal and demolition is National’s core business – we have been removing tracks since National was founded in 1980.

Since then, we have worked with every major railroad in the U.S., all over the country. We have safely and comprehensively removed 3,000 miles of track in more than 40 states.

National will remove their tracks, bridges, ties and other materials as safely and efficiently as possible for the best price. Our railroad materials work is also environmentally friendly – besides specializing in site restoration, we find new uses for the majority of the materials we remove. We resell used ties for secondhand use in fences, landscaping projects and dunnage. Any ties that can’t be re-purposed are chipped up and sold for boiler fuel or to produce power at a co-generation plant. Our practice of reselling used ties and other materials not only keeps these items out of landfills; it reduces the cost of projects to clients and adds to their profits.

We are the nation’s only company that can not only remove and recycle your old ties, guaranteeing that it will get the maximum amount of reuse possible, but also provide you with a new, high-quality tie and prepare your track for its installation.

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