National will determine the most cost-effective and green way to restore projects for future use in job creation, transportation or recreation.

Past Projects

Environmental Services

Environmental ServicesNational Salvage & Service Corporation’s environmental team has the experience and expertise needed to safely and comprehensively rehabilitate contaminated sites using the most efficient and cost-effective processes possible.

We have safely restored sites contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum and radioactive materials since 1989. Our ability to understand the risks involved with your project and deal with them safely is evidenced by our decades-long track record of safety.

National has experience in various methods of remediation, including stabilization, thermal treatment, groundwater and soil treatment, radiological survey and off-site disposal.

National has performed environmental services for high-profile projects involving multiple state and federal agencies and public action groups. We have performed more than $70 million worth of Superfund site cleanup.

We are knowledgeable about federal and state regulations and have a successful track record of performing within them. Once a project has been completed, you will receive comprehensive documentation of the project for your records, detailing the work performed and including sampling and analysis reports and documents of all disposed waste, as well as applicable permits and regulatory agency notifications.

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