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About Us

National Salvage & Service Corporation provides safe, efficient and environmentally sound products and services to help industries remove, recover and restore resources. National has removed, recovered and restored resources at sites ranging from the complete demolition of power plant buildings and equipment to taking up thousands of miles of vacated railroad tracks.

We recycle or reuse nearly all of the materials from our projects. For example, we are the largest recycler of treated wood in the U.S., finding uses for more than one-half million tons of railroad ties per year.

We leave sites environmentally safe and ready to reuse in job creation, transportation or recreation, including thousands of miles of rails to trails. We remove, recover and restore commercial, industrial and transportation assets across the U.S.

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, National was established in 1980 as a railroad dismantling company. During its more than 40 years in business, it has grown to become an industry leader in demolition, asset recovery and environmental services.

With 370 employees and five offices across the country, we are equipped to tackle your project in the most efficient, safe and environmentally sound manner possible, whether it is the demolition of a power plant or the remediation of a site contaminated with hazardous materials.


A sustainable company, we recycle nearly all of the material we salvage. These materials range from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to railroad ties to industrial equipment. This practice not only keeps these materials out of landfills, improving the environment; it also saves our customers significant amounts of money, reducing the cost of a job and adding to profit.

National is a leading wholesale provider of used railroad ties and new railroad ties and other treated hardwood railroad track products, as well as recycled utility poles. Our customers know that each and every time they order from National, they’ll receive the same high-quality products and customer service we’ve delivered for more than 40 years. We value and excel in consistently delivering a quality product at competitive prices in a manner that is convenient for the customer.

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