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Demolition Services

National Salvage & Service Corporation provides demolition and dismantlement for projects of any size and scope, including the removal of buildings, power plants, bridges and railroads. Our staff has experience working in high-risk environments such as active plants, navigable waterways and high-speed railways.

With more than 30 years of experience, National offers comprehensive solutions to the most complex demolition projects. Our knowledgeable demolition experts approach each project with a wealth of knowledge to ensure safe, efficient and environmentally conscious outcomes for our customers. Our top priority is performing each project safely. 

With the increasing tide of regulations, environmental restoration can be expensive. National will determine the most cost-effective and green way to restore projects for future use in job creation, transportation or recreation. We will also significantly reduce the cost of any demolition job by salvaging and reselling usable materials and equipment, leading to greater profits for your business. 

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