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excavator railroad ties

Rail Services

National Salvage & Service Corporation is a trusted industry leader in the dismantling of railroad tracks, the removal of railroad ties from right-of-ways and the demolition of bridges. Railroad track removal and demolition is National’s core business – we have been removing tracks since National was founded in 1980.

Track Abandonment

National was founded on track abandonment. 40 years of experience with complete track dismantlement and converting to "rails to trails"

Bridge Demo

National is an industry leader in on track work and industrial demolition. This makes us the best choice for rail bridge demo.

Rail & OTM Reclamation

National is capable of following behind changout gangs to process and remove old rail. Using special tech, National gets the most out of your rail.

Scrap Tie Removal

We will remove retired railroad ties from right of way, ties will be recycled not landfilled.

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