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Our Commitment to Safety

National Salvage & Service Corporation makes safety our top priority. We value the safety of our personnel, project teams and the communities in which we work to ensure a successful, productive operating environment. Whether the challenges that come with your project involve work on live railroad track, the careful disposal of hazardous materials or complex demolitions in densely populated areas, National will meticulously and rigorously assess and manage all risks through the completion of your project.

Our commitment to safety is evidenced by our workers’ compensation experience modification rate (EMR), which consistently ranks below national averages. In many cases, our site-specific safety programs actually exceed regulatory requirements. This due diligence allows National to extend to clients one of the highest-quality insurance and bonding programs in the industry. These exemplary benchmarks further demonstrate our commitment to safety. In railroad work, National has a perfect on-track safety record.

We attribute our excellent safety record to pre-planning and highly trained employees. Ongoing training in occupational safety, equipment and environmental issues ensures our staff is up-to-date with the most advanced technology. Project managers are evaluated and rewarded based on their safety performance.

Our management has more than 30 years of experience in industrial demolition. Many of National’s superintendents have several decades of experience working in active petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, as well as in decommissioned facilities.

Prior to mobilizing a site, National’s project team assesses all safety and environmental hazards. Our safety director writes complete health and safety and work plans that address all hazards. Workers at each job site participate in daily safety and toolbox meetings led by the site superintendent, project manager or health and safety officer.

We stringently execute a complete health and safety plan, as well as an injury and illness prevention plan company-wide. We are in full and complete compliance with all of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Personal Protective Equipment Standards.

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